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Do we need woke Christianity?


I have earlier addressed the apostasy that is ever-present and accelerating in the church, and the various “peaceful” demonstrations, along with arson, looting, killings, and chaos that has captured our attention.

While we easily miss the apostasy, we’re certainly in tune with the perceived social injustice that is broadcast day and night. That is all we hear. In fact, it would seem that all college degrees today are somehow related to “social justice” and everyone is a “social justice warrior.”

The creation of false religions

But what is really going on?

Both inside the church and outside the church, Satan is formulating new false religions. And, as 1 Timothy 4:1 states, all false religions are religions of demons.

Now outside the church, the world order of social justice might not believe it is a religion. In fact, their belief is that there is no God, but, it is in fact, a religion – a belief system that unites them and guides them.

But even inside the church, there is a growth of the false religion of sympathy.   Sorrow for racial injustice, and even our own skin color. Something must be done for justice to remedy this.

How do these false religions operate?

In a word – counterfeit.

Satan is a liar and he perverts by imitating and counterfeiting what is true. For example, the Trinity – The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in the end times is counterfeited by the False Trinity of Satan, The Anti Christ, and the False Prophet.

Counterfeiting is a deception. It’s also a concept of using a tried and true system. It works.

So how would you counterfeit the Gospel? Let’s take a look:

  • Original Sin – how about White/Male/Straight Privilege, or as Marx would state, the Oppressors
  • The Law – Political Correctness
  • Born Again – Woke
  • High Priests – Woke Political/Academia/Sports/Hollywood/Media leftist figures
  • Scripture or the Canons – Sociology, and Psychology
  • Heaven – Equality, One World, Nirvana
  • Saints – Victims or People of Color/Women/Gays/Criminals, or as Marx would state, the Oppressed

What about Salvation:

  • The Message – Woke – understand and agree to “systemic oppression” and accept your complicity as a result of your privilege.
  • The Salvation Experience – Turn from supporting whiteness (your sin), lament your past (slavery and history), and kneel and beg forgiveness from oppressed people.
  • The Evangelistic Experience – Promote the Oppressor/Oppressed concept and shame/threaten others into joining and agreeing.


In the world, “justice” is righting a previous wrong. It starts from being “woke.” And since a segment of society has undergone unjust racism, we now need to correct and make that right.


Through reverse discrimination and reparations.

But that’s not the justice the bible speaks of.

Deuteronomy 16:19 is a good example “Do not pervert justice or show partiality. Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and twists the words of the innocent.

Proverbs 28:5 states “Evildoers do not understand what is right,  but those who seek the Lord understand it fully.

James 1:27 talks of biblical justice “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

So, how can non-believers (evildoers) truly understand justice? And, doesn’t “showing partiality”, as in reverse discrimination and reparations, pervert justice?

The world’s justice is not the justice of the bible. Nor is it the justice of the false religious systems which pervert Christianity.

Christ is the true justice and he has instituted justice through the family, the church, and government – all of which the current movements want to eliminate.


Understand that perversion of the truth of the Bible is both outside and inside the church.

Satans perversions are counterfeits and imitations of the truth and as such are lying deceptions.

Many will follow Satan – both outside and inside the Church.

Social justice is nothing like the justice of the Bible.

Stand up to the false narrative of wokeness, both outside the church and especially inside the church.

We are closer to end times than I believe most realize.

In the end, God is the victor.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


Some of this information was derived from John Harris’s “Conversations that matter” and his YouTube presentation on “A Lament: How TGC [The Gospel Coalation] is destroying Justice and the Church”.

"It wasn't a potential atonement actuated by the sinner, it was an actual atonement initiated by the savior."

John MacArthur