Jesus Christ is Lord!

The White Horse
Heresies? I recently read (on the Internet) that the teaching of salvation by confessing Jesus as Lord is a “hellish heresy.” The NASB shows Romans 10:9 as follows: “that if you confess with your mouth Jesus [as] Lord, and believe…
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Luke 1:27 – Mary, the Virgin

God beams - coniferous forest in fog
Premise It would seem that a bible which left out the virgin birth of Jesus, that that bible would probably not be trustworthy. That’s just a premise, but, which bibles leave out “virgin” as it pertains to Mary and Christ’s…
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1) What is the chief end of man?

Thomas Watson
Introduction – Thomas Watson Thomas Watson (1620 – 1686), a 17th Century English Puritan, states in his Body of Divinity – “Knowledge of principles is to the soul as the anchor to the ship, that holds it steady in the…
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Some Financial Thoughts

Wall Street sign near Stock Exchange, New York
Post incident reflections Age adds a certain perspective to such issues as financial recommendations. It’s interesting to reflect on what I though I knew having been a CPA and CFP with graduate degrees, but nothing is quite like going through…
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God’s Will

Compass and sand
What is God’s will for your life? Just as importantly, how do you determine God’s will? The fact is, if you’re a believer, God is involved in your life. He has a purpose for you and He wants to see…
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Iron letters and numbers
About forty years ago, I had written the acronym “S P A C E  P E T S” in the front of my bible. I certainly don’t claim authorship and it may be commonly known. I, however, have never heard…
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How to study God’s Word

Responsibility We unfortunately not only have difficulties spending time in God’s Word, we struggle with spending time studying it with any systematic process. Additionally, many bible study books are short on substance and long on personal stories and relatable feelings.…
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Pastor, what do you believe?

Checklist box
In a Pastoral selection process that I was involved with, one of the documents I developed was an initial questionnaire designed to ferret out some major doctrinal positions. It occurred to me, however, that these same questions, or many of…
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